Hi IQVIA, I'm a 33 Years Old Product Manager and Designer in the Healthcare World.


2016 - Present

Product Development Manager

@ MSK Health

  • In March 2020, due to the COVID19 outbreak and closure of all clinics, a task force was setup to rapidly develop and implement a Telehealth system for our over 5'000 patients. Within 2 weeks our open beta was live. Including Online Booking, Physician hand-off and Video-Call. This involved strategic planning and design to facilitate rapid development for a cross-functional agile team.
    Role: Product Owner
  • After extensive market research, I worked with peers in defining the business model, value proposition, product vision and roadmap for the new Product. This was a new product in a new geographical market (U.S.). He used our unique treatment methodologies developed in Portugal to position us as a market disruptor via the amount of value and results we deliver per dollar invested.
    Role: Research and Design
  • The Company was launched with a core product idea, I was assigned to research the U.S. markets specific needs, to uncover and discover new opportunity areas. This involved extensive travel to meet with customers and lead ideation sessions, analysis and reporting to define the product vision and roadmap.
    Role: Product Research and Developer
  • I joined MSK Health at its launch, and my first role was to lead the creation of the fresh and new Brand. After hiring a Design Agency I lead the team of Researchers and Designers from ideation to implementation of the Brand based on the product vision and target audience.
    Role: Project Lead

2011 - Present

Product Management & Development

@ Global Wellness

  • As a permanent role, I am responsible for ensuring Brand Strategy in maintained throughout the business and user experience. This involves overseeing Designers, Architects, Software, Multimedia, Advertising, etc. I have experience in multiple disciplines helps me understand and facilitate cross-functional teams and lead a cohesive end-user experience.
    Role: Brand Lead
  • Whenever a new Clinic is planned, I am responsible for the Design of the space. Our business has a very unique high volume of people model which has required continuous development and implementation of novel solutions unseen in the competition to ensure we stay ahead of the curve to provide quality care at high volume all the while maintaining a premium image.
    Role: Space Design
  • In conjunction with the clinic space, there are many technological components to aid the user, the physician, and the business model. I am responsible for facilitating design thinking, ideation, development, and implementation of technology to aid the business achieve greater efficiency as well as user experience. This involves solutions such as automated sign-ins, welcome screens, interactive media points, online communication solutions, etc.
    Role: User experience Design
  • We are constantly exploring new product ideas. We collaboratively identify new business opportunities and uncover unmet user needs. This involves moving easily from a holistic view down to minute detail, many failed products, and a few successful ones. We focus on research and data analysis, combined with Design Thinking.
    Role: Design and Development

2008 - 2011

Design, Branding and Multimedia

@ Global Wellness

  • All graphic Design components were created by me, following, and enforcing the Brand Identity. This involves design artifacts such as patient forms, brochures, signage, presentations, internal documentation, customer reports, advertising materials, etc. Using tools such and Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign.
    Role: Graphic Design
  • The Website was my responsibility to develop and maintain. This involved HTML and CSS, combined with visual and graphic design to grow the online presence as well as keeping it up to date with current practices.
    Role: Web Designer
  • We are constantly developing new video content for our patients. My role was together with the physicians develop video ideas, then I produced and edited them. This involved production design (lighting, audio, video recording) and video editing (Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition).
    Role: Video Production and Editing

2007 - 2008

Infrastructure Outsourcing

@ Accenture

  • The organisations servers require daily monitoring and maintenance. This involves network, software, OS, and backups are functioning correctly. I was tasked with this maintenance and resolution of common issues or escalating major issues.
    Role: Technician
  • Every 3 years every PC is replaced, this is a significant logistic and technical process to ensure organization security and policies are implemented in the new PC, the data is safely transferred, and the previous data destroyed. Together with a team we ensured all end-users had a smooth and safe transition, with no down-time.
    Role: Technician
  • Together with a team, we are tasked to ensure all employees are able to access and use the IT tools they require to perform their roles. In case of any issues we are to assist them in resolving the issues as quick as possible to maintain a frictionless IT environment.
    Role: Technician

Over a decade focused on the intersection of Health, Patients, Business and Technology to deliver amazing products and user experiences.

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