Hi Microsoft, I'm a 36 years old Tech Team Lead with a
knack to Identify, Design & Implement Solutions


2021 - Present

Azure Technical Advisor

@ Microsoft

  • Identify and analyze skill-gaps in the team and contribute to the creation of readiness plans & content working with readiness and training teams.

    Perform technical mentoring of others to share technical expertise and provide coaching, and role readiness training.

    Help the SEs drive resolution of customer requests and provide feedback for future growth.

    Provide regular detailed meaningful feedback on my engineer's technical/readiness

    Role: Technical Team Lead
  • Assist in reactive case management duties and perform thorough case reviews and customer wellness checks (technical review/triage, case progression, case wellness, SIE monitoring).

    Conduct proactive Case Management and Quality Reviews (per direction from SEM).

    Promote consistent use of DDX (Delivery Design & Execution) capabilities (first quality response, swarming, case documentation, customer expectation mgmt., etc.) and ensure the right individuals and resources are in place to resolve issues in a timely fashion.

    Approve and review escalations, and be available to act on manager behalf.

    Role: Quality improvement
  • Recognize and Develop training/brownbags on technologies supported by the team that are not covered in Core training.

    Contribute to team success by sharing learnings in both process and technical skills. Where possible leverage existing content.

    Contribute to Wiki Content, triages, brown bags and other opportunities to develop or assist with knowledge sharing.

    Role: Technical
  • Take the lead on identifying opportunities to improve the support deliver process at a global level.

    Initiative to create processes that improve business operations across critical and high impacting areas.

    Lead team members to contribute and support for positive organizational change.

    Develop and present outcomes and KPI's to leadership.

    Build and maintain relationships Globally, across Delivery Units and Lines of Business including CXP and PG.

    Role: Operational Advisory

2020 - 2021

Azure Iaas Support Engineer

@ Microsoft

  • Responsible for the customer support experience with Microsoft.
    Own, troubleshoot and solve customer technical issues, using collaboration, troubleshooting best practices and transparency within and across teams.
    Identify cases that require escalation (either technically or strategically).
    Create and maintain incident management requests to product or engineering group.
    Contribute to case deflection initiatives, automation and other digital self-help assets to improve customer and engineer experience.
    Provide ramp activities, knowledge sharing, technical coaching and mentoring.
    Drive technical collaboration and engagement outside of CSS (Product Engineering teams, Services, Support, Regions).
    Lead and participate in building communities with peer delivery roles.

    Role: Support Engineer
  • Technical Leadership - handle technically challenging and politically sensitive customer situations.
    Demonstrate ability to recover from dissatisfied-customer situations in collaboration with the team manager.
    Ability to discover, recognize and assess alternate solutions to a problem.
    Ability to have effective communication with various stakeholders within and outside of Microsoft.

    Role: Support
  • Microsoft Azure Architecture - Fabric, Compute, Storage.
    Azure IaaS deployments and administration.
    OS Internals concepts, built-in diagnostics, Active Directory and Security (Windows and or Linux).
    Virtualization and virtual system administration.
    SAN/NAS, Hyper-V/VMWare, iSCSI Networking concepts TCP/IP, NAT, DNS.
    Troubleshooting tools including Sysinternals, Fiddler, Netmon, NetStat, Tracert etc.
    IaaS resilience and scalability.

    Role: Technical
  • Proactive and reactive Team case review to ensure best customer care.
    Identify knowledge/skill gaps, ensure team has training material to close the gaps.
    Act as bridge between teams to facilitate cooperation and knowledge share.
    Provide ramp activities for engineers, knowledge sharing and technical coaching.
    Synchronize Managers objectives with team while being advocate of both.
    Collaborate effectively with internal and external teams to solve issues and improve business processes to provide improved support experience.
    Ensure successful landing of new feature onboarding, tools, and processes.
    Identify, report trends/emerging issues for the business and provide possible solutions.
    Contribute to improvement of internal documentation, tools, and processes.

    Role: Advisory

2016 - 2020

Product Development Manager

@ MSK Health

  • I am the System Admin for over 30 PC's, responsible for Operating System, Software (RMM, Office 365, Electronic Healthcare Records, Security Suite, etc) and Hardware.
    I am responsible for the network of 4 locations, managing, deploying, supporting, and maintaining firewall, and network architectures.

    Role: Administrator
  • In March 2020, due to the COVID19 outbreak and closure of all clinics, a task force was setup to rapidly develop and implement a Telehealth system for our over 5'000 patients. Within 2 weeks our open beta was live. Including Online Booking, Physician hand-off and Video-Call. This involved strategic planning and design to facilitate rapid development for a cross-functional agile team.
    Role: Product Owner
  • I am responsible for all Web and Cloud resources. This involves Web Design (HTML/CSS), as well as Domain Managment (Registrar, SSL, DNS), Hosting Services, Email Hosting. I currently build and maintain 8 websites, 5 hosting services, 10 domains, and 40 email accounts. Mostly running Cpanel, Plesk, Exchange, Joomla, Wordpress and google analytics.
    Role: Designer and Administrator
  • The Company was launched with a core product idea, I was assigned to research the U.S. markets specific needs, to uncover and discover new opportunity areas. This involved extensive travel to meet with customers and lead ideation sessions, analysis and reporting to define the product vision and roadmap.
    Role: Product Research and Developer

2011 - Present

Product Management & Development

@ Global Wellness

  • In the clinics there are many technological components to aid the user, the Physician, and the Business Model. I am responsible for ideation, development, and implementation of technology to aid the business achieve greater efficiency as well as user experience. This involves solutions such as automated sign-ins, welcome screens, interactive media points, online communication solutions, etc.
    Role: User experience Design
  • I am the System Admin for over 30 PC's and 3 Servers. responsible for Operating System, Software (RMM, Office 365, Electronic Healthcare Records, Security Suite, etc) and Hardware.
    Azure IaaS and SaaS (VMs, Storage, AD, Office, etc.).
    I am responsible for the network of 4 locations, managing, deploying, supporting, and maintaining firewall, and network architectures.

    Role: Administrator
  • We are constantly exploring new product ideas. We collaboratively identify new business opportunities and uncover unmet user needs. This involves moving easily from a holistic view down to minute detail, many failed products, and a few successful ones. We focus on research and data analysis, combined with Design Thinking.
    Role: Design and Development
  • As a permanent role, I am responsible for ensuring Brand Strategy in maintained throughout the business and user experience. This involves overseeing Designers, Architects, Software, Multimedia, Advertising, etc. I have experience in multiple disciplines which helps me understand and facilitate cross-functional teams and lead a cohesive end-user experience.
    Role: Brand Lead

2008 - 2011

Design, Branding and Multimedia

@ Global Wellness

  • All graphic Design components were created by me, following, and enforcing the Brand Identity. This involves design artifacts such as patient forms, brochures, signage, presentations, internal documentation, customer reports, advertising materials, etc. Using tools such and Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign.
    Role: Graphic Design
  • The Website was my responsibility to develop and maintain. This involved HTML and CSS, combined with visual and graphic design to grow the online presence as well as keeping it up to date with current practices.
    Role: Web Designer
  • We are constantly developing new video content for our patients. My role was together with the physicians develop video ideas, then I produced and edited them. This involved production design (lighting, audio, video recording) and video editing (Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition).
    Role: Video Production and Editing

2007 - 2008

Infrastructure Outsourcing

@ Accenture

  • The organisations servers require daily monitoring and maintenance. This involves network, software, OS, and backups are functioning correctly. I was tasked with this maintenance and resolution of common issues or escalating major issues.
    Role: Technician
  • Every 3 years every PC is replaced, this is a significant logistic and technical process to ensure organization security and policies are implemented in the new PC, the data is safely transferred, and the previous data destroyed. Together with a team we ensured all end-users had a smooth and safe transition, with no down-time.
    Role: Technician
  • Together with a team, we are tasked to ensure all employees are able to access and use the IT tools they require to perform their roles. In case of any issues we are to assist them in resolving the issues as quick as possible to maintain a frictionless IT environment.
    Role: Technician

Over 15 years working with Technology to Design, Develop and Maintain amazing solutions for teams, products and user experiences.

I am adding value to Microsoft and empowering our Customers and Teams, while learning new skills and tools to grow together.

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Bryan is one of those rare talents with the ability to adapt quickly to any business challenge and offer creative, well thought out solutions.

- Dr. Andrew P. Hatch DC MBA PhD



Post-Grad in Business Management

@ ULHT Ciências Económicas e das Organizações

2008 - 2011

Bachelor's, Product Design

@ Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias

2006 - 2007


@ Fundação para a Divulgação das Tecnologias de Informação

Awards and Certificates

Prosci® Change Management for Managers


In progress - October 2022

CSS Impact Award Winner


FY22 Q3

CSS Award Team Winner


FY22 Q2

Azure AZ-900


June 2020

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